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Jo Peters


Secretary General at Netherlands Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Association NOGEPA. An inspiring people-person, with an excellent track record in terms of business results, who has held senior leadership positions in manufacturing, technology and general management in The Netherlands, France, Brazil and the USA. His international experience and network has allowed him to be the builder of many bridges between individuals, communities and cultures. He has a strong focus on critical issues, which, supported by excellent communication skills and an empathic approach to people, enables him to motivate staff to the highest degree and to lead them beyond current comfort zones, building and visualizing a shared vision of continuous improvement in terms of effectiveness (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing things right).


Bezuidenhoutseweg 27-29
Postbus 11729
2502AS Den Haag

T:070 – 3478871
E: info@nogepa.nl
I: www. Nogepa.nl

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