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Drs. Hansch van der Velden
Nederlandse Gasunie N.V.

Secretaris Generaal

Director Corporate Communications bij Gasunie

Hansch van der Velden (1965) holds a doctorate in Dutch Language and Literature from the University of Leiden.
He started his career as a journalist for various newspapers in the Netherlands.  Van der Velden then held various management positions in both the commercial and public sector. In 1999, he was appointed Head of Communications at the Netherlands University Foundation for International Cooperation. In 2001, he entered the energy sector as Manager Marketing & Communications at Westland Energy Group. End 2005, he accepted the position of VP Corporate Communications at NV Nederlandse Gasunie, a European gas infrastructure company. Van der Velden is author of Elementaire Communicatie, a communications handbook much used in Higher Vocational Education/University in the Netherlands. Since 2005 he is study group leader of the International Gas Union (IGU) working group focusing on communication and public acceptance issues.

E: j.h.van.der.velden@gasunie.nl

Nederlandse Gasunie N.V.

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